Cosmic Speculation

The art fragrance brand Cosmic Speculation is inspired by the vastness of the universe and  the private garden of architectural icon Charles Jencks. Our brand has always aimed at transforming the abstractness of the cosmos into a series of distinctive fragrance products for the body and home. The brand takes a holistic approach of considering art, architecture, nature when developing its scents and advocates people’s self-exploration, spiritual freedom, and an attitude that is harmonious with the natural world.

Cosmic Speculation has 6 major series, including: Ambilight, Śūnyatā, Marble, Aureole,Infinity Stones and Starry. Each series takes as its core concept  philosophy, natural scenery or the universe; thus, striving to create lasting, natural and gentle fragrance products. The packaging is well-designed with luxurious raw ore, marble and coloured glazes as its main materials. The scents are both fascinating and full of diversity; therefore, satisfying the demand of overseas fashion icons and artists.

When it’s late at night and fragrance is flowing through  your bedroom, you can feel  all senses are immersed in the elegant aroma. Take these fragrances on a journey, you are assured to relieve your tired body and mind with a simplistic pleasure. Cosmic Speculation’s series of fragrance products can be used in a variety of occasions, anytime, anywhere and are encouraged to be shared with friends and family alike to  bring a moment of leisure.

A fragrance creates a whole world. Time will be gone, but memories will remain leaving  a trace of scent. Cosmic Speculation uses a scent to record every moment of life in order to build a rational, balanced, pure, and supreme fragrance universe.