Time Stone

Evoking the delight of sunsets and warm dusky skies,

Cosmic Speculation's Time candle is an enduringly uplifting

fragrance for your home. Focusing on the subtle sweetness of pear,

it combines rose, peony and the warmth of hay to transport you outside.

Blended with natural waxes, this candle burns slowly and evenly,

giving off a delicate aroma and

beauty throughout the day - befitting of any mood

Mediterranean: Bergamot, Bulgaria Rose, Iris


Candle Volume: 5.8 ounces
Lacquered glass cup, Natural Agate Stone, Krisitelid
Naturalsoybean wax blend
Sustainable, ecologically-sound, pesticide-free manufacturing
No animal testing
100% cotton wicks
Burn time is approximately 42 hours.