Space Stone

a velvety rich fragrance inspired by the sensual and dark side of the rose.

Rich, dark notes of Bulgaria Rose,

black pepper and violet leaf dominate the heart

with sensual top notes of Cannabi flower, Rosemary and Lavender.

This powerful combination draws down into

a deep velvet base of ambrette seed,

patchouli leaf and tabac noir France.

THC: Rosemary, Cannabis Flower, Patchouli


Candle Volume: 5.8 ounces
Lacquered glass cup, Natural Agate Stone, Kirstie lid
Naturalsoybean wax blend
Sustainable, ecologically-sound, pesticide-free manufacturing
No animal testing
100% cotton wicks
Burn time is approximately 42 hours.

This scented candle from Cosmic Speculation is